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We offer a consultative and creative approach to finding the best income protection solutions for your clients. Our expertise spans the entire income protection insurance marketplace!

Individual Disability Insurance

Individual disability insurance is foundational to any comprehensive income protection plan. Secura Consultants works with the top carriers in the market to assure your client receives the best coverage possible!

Multi-Life Discount Plans

We work strategically to develop plan designs that leverage the discounting structure available when more than one person is obtaining coverage.

Guaranteed Standard Issue Plans

Secura Consultants specializes in the design and implementation of employer based programs utilizing Guaranteed Standard Issue underwriting. Group LTD alone is insufficient and leaves the most important people in a company exposed to financial hardship when disability strikes.

Business Owner Rewards

We have deep knowledge of the special business owner programs offered by many carriers. Our expertise will give you the competitive edge!

Business Key-Person Insurance

The key people in a firm drive results. Losing a key person due to a disability will create financial challenges which key person coverage will mitigate.

Business Overhead Expense

Protect the ability of a business to continue operations while the owner recovers or avoid a “fire sale” if the business must be transitioned.

Business Buy-Sell Insurance

Assure the performance of a Buy-Sell agreement with funding for the most likely insurable trigger, a disability!

Business Loan Protection Insurance

Business loan payments are often difficult to continue when an owner is disabled. Provide the funding necessary to satisfy these obligations and keep the business solvent.

High Limit Disability Plans

Traditional markets do not offer sufficient coverage levels for exceptional earners. Secura Consultants will bring markets to bear that can deliver high levels of benefit, up to 75% or income and $100,000 a month.

Athlete Insurance

Athletes are exposed to countless possible scenarios that could end their careers. Traditional insurance carriers usually do not underwrite disability insurance for athletes but Secura Consultants has a network of specialty carriers that can handle the unique needs of athletes.

Specialty Products & Programs

Secura Consultants has access to markets for specialty programs like; Major Medical Traveling Abroad; Failure to Perform; Failure to Survive; Kidnap & Ransom; Special Travel Risk; Divorce Obligations, Alimony & Child Support; Severance Payment Coverage and Student Loan Protection.

Critical Illness Insurance

Conditions like stroke, heart attack, cancer and other diseases can forever change the earning ability of anyone afflicted by these conditions. Critical illness plans will help pay for deductibles, experimental treatment or lifestyle wishes of the insured.

Accident Only Plans

Coverage focused on accidents as the cause of disability. These plans can be effective in providing coverage when traditional disability insurance is insufficient or not available.

Long Term Care Insurance

Secura Consultants offers access to traditional long-term care insurance programs, many of which are designed specifically for the business marketplace.

Traditional Consultation

Minimal consultation and assistance.

Best For
This option is best for financial advisers who want the assistance of a traditional brokerage model. Work with Secura Consultants’ consultants to get quotes with the least amount of engagement.

• Quotes and product advice
• Application and underwriting support
• Policy service

Guided Consultation

Moderate consultation and assistance

Best For
This option is best for financial advisers who want the traditional brokerage model but with more consultation and assistance. Work with Secura Consultants’ consultants to help integrate disability insurance into your firm.

• Marketing and business development
• Scheduled check-ins and education
• Traditional brokerage services

Boutique Consultation

Maximum consultation and assistance

Best For
This option is best for financial advisers who want the most consultation and assistance. Work with Mitchell Nelson for a fiduciary-level of policy review that increases understanding and number of coverage purchases.

• Policy analysis and design
• Client consultation
• Policy placement and management