They help you from the sales process giving you information to provide to the client. Once you’ve sold the client then they basically hold your hands through the whole underwriting process all the way through delivery. If you don’t have enough knowledge in the area in disability, they are definitely the experts to go to.

~ Kelly H.


I use Secura Consultants because they provide me with a variety of solutions for my hard-to-insure clients. I really like the personal touch that the team provides in communications and keeping me up to date on disability trends. I would describe them as experts in their field because they can help provide solutions in a variety of situations.

~ Ernest D.


I think the bigger question is why not. Reality is they have great service and follow through. They do a great job at communicating during the underwriting process. If you just listen to them and do a good job of articulating on what your problem is, they’ll come up with some very creative solutions. Boom, in one sentence and I get exactly what I want!

~ Michael H.


Secura Consultants is great at handling all aspects of disability and long term care insurance from making the presentation to helping prepare myself so I can speak intelligently to my client. They have been great to work with both a local employer and individual disability coverage. They make my job a lot easier. I can always count on them to respond quickly to a phone call and email. The fact that they know more about disability insurance than I do certainly helps.

~ Glenn L.


They’re motivated to do the right thing for the client. George Davidson and his team have relationships with every independent disability insurance company available. For us, that’s extremely important. We don’t push just one product. Working with Secura Consultants have really opened up the marketplace for our advisers. We’ve been working on disability plans that we would have never thought that we could of engaged in. My favorite aspect of the team is that they’re extremely responsive.

~ Shane P.


They’ve really grown with us and we’ve grown with them and it’s been an opportunity to really have deep conversations with them beyond just the products itself.

~ Michael S.